fellow feeling

This is the label of unyo303, an artist based in Osaka, Japan, known for crafting electric sounds centered around modular synthesizers. Primarily focusing on live recordings of improvisational performances with modular synths, the label releases ambient music, electronica, and techno tunes.



This EP is a collection of tracks selected from unyo303’s improvised performances and live recordings using modular synthesizers. Within the ambient soundscape, intricate rhythms intertwine, presenting a world of electronic music born from the spontaneity of live improvisation. Each track offers a unique glimpse into the serendipitous realm of electronic music, embodying the spirit of “ichi-go ichi-e,” the Japanese concept of treasuring each encounter as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


e-onkyo music



大須賀淳監督による日本初のシンセサイザードキュメンタリー映画〝ナニワのシンセ界〟に出演。宇川直宏主宰〝DOMMUNE/KANDA INDUSTRIAL〟、〝Tokyo Festival of Modular 2016〟、〝Kyoto Festival of Modular 2018〟、滞在型温泉フェス〝音泉温楽2018〟、〝シンセ温泉〟等に出演。〝HE STAR FESTIVAL 2017〟では謎のセレクター“Ghost” Selectors”の一員として参加。

Introducing [Artist Name], a captivating performer based in the Kansai region of Japan, known for mesmerizing live performances utilizing modular synthesizers across various venues. Their sound transcends the constraints of traditional musical notation, immersing listeners in a world of enigmatic electronic sounds.
They made a notable appearance in Japan’s first synthesizer documentary film, “Synth World of Naniwa,” directed by Jun Osuka. [Artist Name] has graced stages at renowned events such as DOMMUNE/KANDA INDUSTRIAL curated by Naohiro Ukawa, the Tokyo Festival of Modular 2016, and the Kyoto Festival of Modular 2018. They’ve also performed at immersive events like the “Sound Hot Springs 2018” and “Synth Hot Springs.” Notably, they contributed as a member of the enigmatic “Ghost Selectors” at the HE STAR FESTIVAL 2017.
In addition to their performances, [Artist Name] is actively involved in curating various esoteric electronic music events, further enriching the local music scene.